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Setting up your files for digital and wide format printing

CLK specialise in the fast turnaround of high quality digital print and can only achieve this if your files are set up correctly. Artwork that is not to our specifications can always be sorted out, but may take extra time meaning that any deadlines agreed may be missed and you may incur extra costs. If you are unclear on any of these points or have any other queries then please contact us for further details.

If you are not sure about preparing your artwork to comply with our guidelines then please contact us for an artwork preparation or design quote, this will ensure that you get the best quality and hopefully do not miss any deadlines you may have.

Crop & Bleed

This is the most important element of all printing. If you get this wrong then the finished item will not be printed as you expect.
Documents comprising more than one page must always be supplied in one file with no blank pages - for instance front and back of cards and flyers, covers and inners of books. All your pages must be together in one file. If your artwork requires ‘bleed’ (ie if it extends off the edge of your page) you must allow at least 3mm. We also recommend that any text is kept at least 3mm away from the edge of the page.

See our Crop & Bleed guide for more information.

Artwork -
Adobe Acrobat PDF format files are our preferred choice for fast turnaround work. However, you should create PDF’s as ‘digital colour optimised’ with bleed, cropmarks and fonts embedded and follow our imported graphics guidelines, as faults in PDF’s cannot be easily ‘fixed’ later in production and if you get it wrong it will impact on timescales.

Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign files are accepted if ‘collected for output’ / ’packaged’ so all the related files and fonts are included. Pages must be set up to the correct size with bleed. InDesign CS6 supported.

Illustrator and Coreldraw files are accepted. Illustrator CS4 and Coreldraw X7 currently supported
Photoshop or similar files should be supplied as 300dpi (400dpi if they contain text) CMYK .TIF files with LZW off. Highest quality JPG is acceptable. Bleed and cropmarks must be included.

Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint must to be converted to PDF format.
We can also accept other files and formats, but please ring (01242 681168) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and check first.

Page Setup - All files supplied must be on the correct size page for the print process required - This is quarter of the final size for large format poster prints and actual size for digital printing. Unless previously advised DO NOT impose your files in any way, this applies especially to business cards. Business cards should be setup as single pages at 85 x 55mm with 3mm bleed and crop marks to qualify for our fixed price packages.

Booklets.  PDF files should be supplied as individuals pages and not as page spreads. This does not affect your original Quark or Indesign file which may have been set up as spreads.

Stickers and Decals. Images should be supplied as single items. If the sticker includes a cutting path, then the files should be supplied in EPS format with the cutting paths contained on a separate layer. Contact us about how to add cutting paths to your artwork.

Digital Camera Images - Unless your images conform to our 'photos' standards above then they will not be good enough quality for large format prints. Never enlarge image resolutions beyond their original size - you cannot put in what was not there in the first place. Doubling the size of the image requires 75% of the image to be guessed so lowering the final quality of the print.

If in any doubt please request a 'colour proof'
Imported Graphics - Should be in .EPS format with fonts converted to paths or curves.
NEVER copy and paste graphics from other programs especially Powerpoint, Excel, Word or Clipart. Please note that Word art is a low resolution format and almost never prints well.

Photos - Photographic images should be supplied as 300dpi and placed into your document at 100%. Any images with clipping paths should be saved as EPS. JPG files are acceptable provided they meet the resolution requirements and the file is saved at highest quality.

Digital Print Limitations - Due to the print processes used in digital technology we recommend you avoid using flat tints of 10% or less, as these can sometimes print with a marbled or mottled effect.

Colour and Colour Matching - Make sure all colours in your document are specified as CMYK for digital small format and poster prints (only fine art Giclee prints can be in RGB). If you have used RGB or spot colours in your design process you must convert them to CMYK. This includes imported .EPS graphics from Illustrator and Freehand and duotone photos. Please remember that Pantone colours cannot be accurately reproduced in CMYK, so if it is important that you try and match a Pantone colour then request a Colour Proof. Also if in doubt refer to a Pantone Solid to Process colour swatch)

It is impossible to guarantee that the colours of large format prints will match previously printed work due to changes in materials and processes. If your requirements include future updates of single panels within a set, we suggest you create a design which does not rely on a panel to panel colour match eg use a contrasting colour. If in any doubt always order a colour accurate proof first to check.

Fonts - Always convert fonts to outlines or curves when creating PDFs. This allows you to use proprietary non embeddable fonts in your documents.

Transparency and Layers.  Unless your document contains a cutting path, all files should be formatted for digital colour output with transparencies and layers flattened.

Amendments - Any amendments requested will be charged at our standard hourly rates unless agreed otherwise in writing. If after ordering a proof you wish to send a replacement amended file you will be charged a ‘reprocessing’ fee of based on our standard hourly rates with a minimum charge of £20+VAT. You will be charged standard proof prices if another proof is requested.

Paper Sizes and Finishing
Digital Print - Maximum sheet size 640mm x 320mm
Digital Print substrates - 90gsm to 330gsm silk, gloss and uncoated.

Templates - templates for graphics are available for download from our download centre. If we haven't uploaded what you need, give us a call and we'll do our best to make it available.

Lamination Gloss and Matt lamination available.

Our Fine Art Canvas Prints can be veneered with a high quality varnish ( either Gloss or Matt finish ) to further protect your print.

Large format Print - Maximum image size in one piece: 1600mm x 15 metres approx. depending on substrate Larger images are possible by tiling.

Large format media: Here is a list of large format media we normally hold in stock

Poster papers

  • 150gsm poster paper
  • 200gsm silk poster paper

Flat panels( 3 - 5 yrs outdoor )

  • Label vinyl 100um
  • POS board vinyl
  • Air release vinyl

Curved surface - deep recess

  • 3M IJ380

Accepted Media - We can accept files saved onto: CD, DVD, USB flash drive and various flash memory cards. You can upload any files during or after checkout or you can transfer files via our standalone Upload Page. When sending work not using our checkout but via our ftp service always ZIP all your files in a folder with your name or company as the folder name. Enter your job requirements in the message box and include your Name, Address and Telephone number. Please also add any CLK Media REF number you have been given to avoid any delays, as we cannot book in or process any work until we have received written instructions.

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