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Our printing service is digital and we do not use printing plates or any chemicals commonly associated with litho printing. Paper wastage is minimal as our setup process is usually only a few sheets. We advise clients on the benefits of printing only what they need. Our production print stock is FSC approved. Our fine art stock is acid free and provides 200+ yrs of fade resistance.

In order to promote good environmental practices, our environmental policy is:

  1. To identify the significant environmental impacts of our activities.
  2. To comply with relevant legislation, regulation and other requirements.
  3. To re-use, recover or recycle materials where practicable.
  4. To ensure that environmental responsibilities are defined, communicated to all staff and provide appropriate training where needed.
  5. To strive for continual improvement in environmental performance.


CLK Media minimises the use of energy resulting from its activities through making energy efficiency a key consideration when purchasing printing and finishing equipment. Where possible all items are switched off, rather than placed on standby setting at the end of the day.


Where possible we minimize the use of paper in our offices. Waste resulting from our operations will be reused or recycled where practicable. Where possible all ink and toner cartridges for printing equipment within CLK Media and waste paper are recycled by specialist recycling companies. CLK Media will aim to minimise the amount of packaging on outgoing products and to re-use as much incoming packaging as possible. Any remaining waste will be disposed of by licensed contractors.

Lydia Lewis

Managing Director

CLK Media Ltd

clkmedia Happy Xmas @printMAXuk. Hope you all have a great 2020. From all at CLK.
clkmedia @jonathanfmayer What ever happened to hand drawn bits of paper.??


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